Thailand: how is it to live in a Thai family?

There are quite a few stories covering why I quit my job, left Ukraine, lived in Greece, became a volunteer in an ecological guest house with no money in the pocket followed by a Dengue fever (tropical disease that occasionally kills people) but now I would like to share with you a story about being a part of a Thai family.

I was alone, sick, without plans and place to stay (did I mention with no money?) and desperately not wanting to come back to Ukraine. This is when a Thai guy I met few days before said: “Yana, I think you are a nice person, you have kind eyes. My family has an unoccupied room; if you want you can stay with us”. No need to mention I haven’t seen that family ever before, knew nothing about Thai culture and, to be honest, that was my second week in Asia.


Nit - the guy who invited me to the family. And 2 little girls, the third one is running somewhere

Ukrainian part in me said “Yana, you are insane, you don’t even know these people”, another part pushed me right into a rural house next to the beach with my new tiny room, mattress on the floor and a mosquito net above.

Four months passed by in a lovely family with 2 sisters, 3 brothers and 3 kids of 3 years old each. They called me a “family” (confusing many tourists by that), I taught English to kids and they taught me Southern Thai which is significantly different from the north language.  This life was simple as you could possibly imagine. Yes, we had dinner sitting on the floor, took a shower using a bucket with only cold water, and were sleeping on a mattress instead of a real bed.

I spent my days meditating on the beach, painting every day and helping the family around. They had a little store with handmade accessories and a bar. This family offered me a shelter, food, drinks and sometimes cloths all for free. This was a great time of readjusting myself, and understanding where I want to move next (not geographically but mentally). This was first time I got to paint every day no excuse and not wait for a special day off once in 3 months as it normally happened before in a busy Kiev life. This was first time ever in my life when people who had so little themselves were happy to share it with a stranger (luckily that stranger was me). It was also my first time when I felt that money was absolutely not related to happiness. Why? Because I literally spent 4 months with no money, but living a fulfilled life. There was zero connection between finance and connection with your inner self and calm happiness. You suddenly realize that other things matter.

What makes your life fulfilled?

My fancy room in a Thai family house

Na - one of the little girls from the family

Stunning sunsets in Koh Lanta and Thai friends