I am Yana, a full-time traveler and a professional watercolor artist. I create original watercolor artworks inspired by my travels around the world which are also available as prints. I host live watercolor workshops in cities I visit and record online classes for people of all ages and levels to learn watercolors. Happy to paint something special for you!

That’s in short. More on my journey below 😉

Being a kid of 19 years old, I was determined to find happiness in a career, which I was furiously perusing in Kiev, capital of Ukraine.  After 3 years of hard work and achievements, I realized that the recipe of my happiness was not in a manager position but outside of social norms and expectations, and actually far away from Ukraine.

This is when my life changed completely. I left career, flat in the city center, stable salary and moved to my first ever unplanned unpredictable and overall irrational future

After that…

I lived on the greenest Greek island Corfu, moved to Thailand for 5 months but ended up living there for 3 years. I volunteered in an ecological guest-house, was left with no money but with a dengue fever on a hippie island, was picked up and adopted by a Thai family of 8 people and lived 4 months with them in a rural house in very basic conditions.

I hitchhiked through the whole country and got into yoga retreat in the middle of nowhere. I spent 3 weeks in a meditation retreat with Buddhist monks. I lived in a yoga community and spent my mornings in asana on the top of the world with ocean breeze. I was bitten by street dogs. I volunteered in a social responsible company which helped hilltribes of the northern Thailand to be self-sustainable.

I was fired up with crossfit and got into tantra workshops. I danced salsa at the bottom of the waterfall in Laos and didn’t sleep nights at bachata festival in Malaysia. My artworks were exhibited in Vietnam. I was amazed by mystery of Angkor Watt in Cambodia, painted in da middle of rice fields of Bali, walked my feet off in Singapore and got gallons of bubble tea in Hong Kong.

All that is THE way that brought me to who I really am and what I want to do.
This is how TravelArt was born.  I travel the world and paint my adventures along the way. Now I travel full-time, organize art events, host watercolor workshops, create online watercolor courses and continue to develop myself as an artist. 

I am also a co-founder of Learn Watercolors Academy – an online community designed to learn watercolor from scratch gradually improving your level. More than 60 classes, different levels, monthly challenges and more!

And everything you need to know about watercolor, free tutorials, adventures around the world and fun watercolor brand reviews in our blog – Watercolor Travelers.

If you are interested in a special painting for yourself or someone you care about – hit me a message and we will create something amazing together! I accept private commissions as well as commercial orders.  

I believe you can only find yourself when you’re thrown out of your comfort zone. This is when you explore your real self and discover own boundaries.
How is it for you?

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