2-3 times per year, I will release a limited watercolor collection. It will tell a personal story about places I’ve been to or the emotions I’ve been going through.

I have a strong connection to these paintings as I am reliving the most powerful events in my life through them. And maybe you will feel that, too. Maybe, you will relate to those feelings or recognize those places.

Currently, I am working on the “Alpine Altitude” collection inspired by my Tour du Mont Blanc, a 170 km trekking trail through France, Italy, and Switzerland.


– Be the first to see the latest collection and have a chance to purchase a piece or a few. (After 2 months, I will release whatever is left to the public on my website.)

– Be the only one to receive exclusive deals and discounts on my original art. 

– Receive a printable jpeg file in high resolution of my Balinese field painting. Print it to hand on the wall or use wallpaper on your gadgets. 

See you on the inside!

Yana Shvets