Say hello to our watercolor blog: Watercolor Travelers!

Yana and Lesly in Thailand, Phuket Town

Yay! We are so exited to start our watercolor blog!

Yana and I were focusing on launching our watercolor community based course aka membership site for almost a year now, and didn’t get the time to start our blog about watercolor and traveling, which we do full time. I mean the traveling part :).

Well, that a thing of the past as we are happy to announce “Watercolor Travelers”, our official blog. And no, it’s not “another” travel blog, it’s a blog about arts, watercolors, and as we travel, how those two things connect.

If you are interested in art and/or travel, you will definitely find useful content here. And if you are not, maybe we can inspire you :).

Watercolor Blog
That’s us recording a course in Chiang Mai, Thailand

What are the goals of this watercolor blog?

First of all, we want to be a resource for watercolor artists of different levels: with in-depth articles discovering important subjects like techniques, brushes, papers etc and fun tutorials.

As we paint every day and meet with a lot of different artists during our travels, we have the opportunity to conduct interview, but also review and test a lot of art tools. Our main goal is to share our passion for arts, inspiring stories from fellow artists around the world and knowledge about watercolors in particular.

watercolor blog
Buying food in Danang, Vietnam and yes I was on the scooter too ?

 What kind of content are we gonna write?

Here is what we have planned on writing about. Note that this will probably evolve as we move forward with this blog:

  • Techniques
  • Tutorials
  • Paints
  • Brushes
  • Paper
  • Ideas
  • Travel & art

It looks small but trust us, there is a LOT to be written there. Let’s dig a bit into those categories:


What kind of a watercolor blog we would be without talking about the techniques. We already teach a lot in our beginner course in the Learn Watercolors Community but that is a structured content with master classes (for advanced levels). We plan to create and share images a lot, and keep long video-tutorials for the course (that comes later). Basically we will explain all the major watercolor techniques needed to learn and improve your skills, and share new ones as we gain knowledge from international masters around the world.


Those will be mostly videos and step-by-step photo reports where we will paint specific subject and explain specific techniques. Tutorials will be short, fun to do and easy to watch. We will probably experiment a lot with this category so don’t be surprised if it changes throughout the way.


There are so many different watercolor brands it becomes hard to choose. Even though we have our favorite (we mostly use Winsor & Newton and White Nights) we try and test a lot of other brands. With this category we will mostly review pigments and create a database of colors and mixes.


Ok, so there are three types of brushes: Natural, Synthetic and a mix of both. And I don’t event start on forms and shapes. Even though we have a modest selection of our favorites, we are still going to test and review different watercolor brushes, and create a nice database for you to pick the one you need.


If you thought there were lots of paint brands to choose from, wait for the paper part! Paper exists in two categories, student and professional (or “student grade” and “artist grade”), then it can be cellulose or cotton, it is divided by texture into hot press, cold press or rough, and finally can be separated by weight (grams per square meter). We personally love and use Arches (and that’s not because I’m French), but there are many many more paper brands and with this category we will test, review and collect them in a database.


Sometime it’s hard to find inspiration for your next painting, and with this category we will help you out. We explore and share, you come by, get inspired and paint!  


Finally as we travel full time, this category will be dedicated to what we do when we are in a different country: how we look for art supply shops, organize watercolor workshops, meet with local artist etc.. Sometimes it can be hard as hell to find art supplies, trust us.

Yana and Lesly in Bordeaux, France
That’s us in my city Bordeaux in France

To wrap this up

Again, we are super excited to launch this watercolor blog and we would love to have your input as well so if you want us to talk about anything specific or if you spot us saying something wrong, please feel free to reach out in a comment section or via our contact page.

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