Alpine Altitude

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience: hiking 2,584m (8,478ft) up the mountains around the iconic white tip of Mont Blanc.

This exclusive watercolor collection is inspired by my Tour du Mont Blanc (a hike in the Alpine mountains) in the summer of 2022 and each painting has a heartwarming story.

Faces of Ukraine

When a full-scale invasion of Ukraine started, I could not paint.

After months of darkness, I started to feel that my soul needed an outlet. Something warm and kind, light and peaceful. This is how a collection of Ukrainian portraits was born.

These women represent hope, kindness, and peace which my and all Ukrainian hearts are seeking. They wear traditional clothes, and flower crowns, are surrounded by symbolic flowers, and radiate light.

Dark Days

It has been a year since the full-scale russian war against Ukraine.

In 2022, I was drawn to black colors, and so I explored it. I looked deeper into the shades of black and looked for variations of tones and texture on the paper. This is how the lotus collection was born.

However, my real curiosity here lies in the contrast between a pure white lotus flower and dark deep background. It brings me hope for a brighter future just like those lotuses leaning up toward the light.

Yana Shvets