Private Commissions

If you would like me to create a personalized painting, I am here for you.
This is a great way to capture your most treasured memories or offer a thoughtful gift for someone special.

The price of a personalized piece depends on the size of the artwork and the number of subjects in it.

The smallest size starts from 26*36 cm (10.4 * 14.2 in).
The prices below do not include delivery costs.


Landscapes and sceneries made from your photos

Start from



A single flower, a bouquet or a composition

Start from



A single animal or a group made from your photos

Start from



A single person or a group made from your photos

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How does it work?

Watercolor is a special medium that likes spontaneity and does not accept mistakes. I will never release a painting to you if it is not its best version.
However, it is crucial to understand that once an artwork is done, changes can not be made. That’s why I created a simple guide to working together on a piece that you will love.

– You have an amazing idea and contact me about it. Please mention the desired size of the painting and attach a photo reference in high resolution. If you would like a portrait, a good-quality photo (or a few) is very important. I might not accept the commission if the reference is not clear.

– I will reply within a day and we will discuss the details: color palette, composition, special touches, and price.

The price depends on the number of subjects, complexity, and size.

– After we agree on the main features of the painting, I will create a basic watercolor sketch. This is the step where we discuss all the changes you would like to see. I can redo this sketch up to 5 times.

– I create a painting you will fall in love with. At this stage, changes are impossible due to the specifics of watercolor as a medium.
Allow me a week to finish working on your piece. I will let you know if there are changes in my schedule and I can deliver a painting sooner or later.
Delivery is not included in the price of the painting. I use an express-delivery company (such as DHL etc) so you can receive your order in 3-6 days.
Yana Shvets